№1 / 2017

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Lipoprotein(a) levels and recurrent vascular events after first ischemic stroke
I. Hernandez, Y. Zhang, M.M. Brooks, P.K.L. Chin, S. Saba
Anticoagulation use and clinical outcomes after major bleeding on dabigatran or warfarin in atrial fibrillation
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Computed tomographic blend sign is associated with computed tomographic angiography spot sign and predicts secondary neurological deterioration after intracerebral hemorrhage
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Magnetic resonance imaging and cerebral ischemia after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. A systematic review and meta-analysis
S. Dolz, D. Górriz, J.I. Tembl, D. Sánchez, G. Fortea, V. Parkhutik, A. Lago
Circulating MicroRNAs as novel biomarkers of stenosis progression in asymptomatic carotid stenosis
K. Butcher, M. Selim
Acute blood pressure management in intracerebral hemorrhage. Equipoise resists an attack
H. Kano, J.C. Flickinger, D. Tonetti, A. Hsu, H. Yang, T.J. Flannery, A. Niranjan, L.D. Lunsford
Estimating the risks of adverse radiation effects after gamma knife radiosurgery for arteriovenous malformations
T. Santiago-Sim, X. Fang, M.L. Hennessy, S.V. Nalbach, S.R. DePalma, M.S. Lee, S.C. Greenway, B. McDonough, G.W. Hergenroeder, K.J. Patek, S.M. Colosimo, K.J. Qualmann, J.P. Hagan, D.M. Milewicz, C.A. MacRae, S.M. Dymecki, C.E. Seidman, J.G. Seidman, D.H. Kim
THSD1 (thrombospondin type 1 domain containing protein 1) mutation in the pathogenesis of intracranial aneurysm and subarachnoid hemorrhage
C.E. Fryer, J.A. Luker, M.N. McDonnell, S.L. Hillier
Self-management programs for quality of life in people with stroke
J.K. Holodinsky, T.S. Williamson, N. Kamal, D. Mayank, M.D. Hill, M. Goyal
Drip and ship versus direct to comprehensive stroke center. Conditional probability modeling
S. Fumagalli, M.-G. De Simoni
Lectin complement pathway and its bloody interactions in brain ischemia
T. Hashimoto, M. Hayakawa, N. Funatsu, H. Yamagami, T. Satow, J.C. Takahashi, K. Nagatsuka, H. Ishibashi-Ueda, J. Kira, K. Toyoda
Histopathologic analysis of retrieved thrombi associated with successful reperfusion after acute stroke thrombectomy
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Early magnetic resonance imaging and cognitive markers of hereditary cerebral amyloid angiopathy
S. Soize, M. Gawlitza, H. Raoult, L. Pierot
Imaging follow-up of intracranial aneurysms treated by endovascular means. Why, when, and how?

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